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Cafe 007 is a venture by Sarathchandra Textile, located amidst the stunning landscape of Sabaragamuwa province, The restaurant started its service in 2018 focusing on Ceylonese fusion inspired fast food serving some of the best burgers, sandwiches, wraps, drinks and desserts out of Colombo. 

Cafe 007 strongly believes in maintaining high standards of quality, environmental sustainability and community wellbeing, therefore using gold standard industrial equipment that works with precision and safe for food preparation, strict health & hygiene protocols, sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers, maximized use of organic ingredients are some of the key areas that we actively focused on. The restaurant’s operational consultancy was carried out by Homacon International Pvt Ltd, a well-established hospitality management consultancy firm based in Sri Lanka. The Culinary consultancy is carried out by the well experienced and upcoming chef, Sudheera Bandara.

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Chef Sudheera Bandara

Chef Sudheera Bandara is the corporate consulting chef of Cafe 007, Sudheera discovered his deep passion for culinary fusion from his early days as a hotelier. Grew up in Galle, Sri Lanka. His mastery of flavours has been excelled over a decade which gained from both inland and overseas working with some of the best brands and chefs on the planet. Sudheera currently plays the role of an Entrepreneur, Hospitality Management Consultant, Restaurateur, Food Product Developer, Experimental Chef, Presenter, Content Creator and author of several industry-related books. Sudheera also holds the title of “Premium Chef” at Tecnoinox Italy, a global kitchen equipment brand. Sudheera is currently overseeing and consulting several restaurants in Melbourne, Australia as well.

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Homacon International

Homacon International is a well-known hotel project consulting and management company affiliated with Chef Sudheera Bandara. The contribution of this company to Café 007 is immense.

Homacon International